Your superannuation is your all-important income in retirement.

From consolidating multiple Super funds into a single fund to reduce fees, to calculating the optimum before or after tax contribution you should make each year to your chosen fund, we can help you understand your options.

For business owners, Phillipsons will work with owners to ensure that Superannuation is a key strategy in their business and retirement planning  – helping to ensure that when retirement looms, as much as possible has been done to ensure that their lifestyle in retirement is maximised. 

Phillipsons also offers a comprehensive Self Managed Superannuation Administration Service, where we can establish and maintain your own fund – which may be beneficial in certain circumstances – reducing your paperwork and compliance burden and giving you greater flexibility in portfolio construction and management.

Our superannuation specialists work closely with our Future Planning team to ensure that the complete spectrum of your financial needs are considered and addressed.
We know Super – and we want to work with you to help Super work for you.

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