Phillipsons’ professional team of business consultants has been serving Gippslanders for over forty years, working with a diverse range of enterprises to optimise financial, operational and personnel performance. So, whether you’re starting a business and need some advice, running a mature enterprise that’s looking for further growth or even considering the best time to start winding down, we can give you the support that you need to prosper and enjoy life.

Our Business Solutions unit can optimise the performance of your enterprise.

With a depth of knowledge and experience that spans industries and business models – sole trader, partnership, company or Trust – we diagnose the health of your enterprise using bespoke business analytics and then customise a solution – taxation, human resources, payroll, cashflow, budgeting, marketing – to increase business efficiency and profit.

So whether you’re starting a business and need some advice, running a mature enterprise that’s looking for further growth or considering the best time to start winding down, we can give you the support that you need.

Speak to one of our team members about your business goals.

Members of the Agri Group view all elements of business – tax, accounting, finance, production and payroll – through the lens of a farming enterprise. With a mix of backgrounds that include primary production and agri-services, our team has the right mix of skills and knowledge to design and deliver an effective and efficient agri-business strategy.

Family succession planning, budgeting, cashflow, benchmarking, financing – we can establish and coordinate a support network that includes your bank, suppliers and buyers – to leverage your on-farm experience for increased profit and business satisfaction.

And when the time is right, our expertise in retirement planning, superannuation and investment can support your life off the farm.
If you want an accountant that understands and shares your passion for the land, call us for an obligation free chat.

The name says it all.

If you need your bookkeeping to be better … Better able to support your business decision making by providing reliable, up-to-date information that can be accessed in real time from anywhere, then you need the Phillipsons Better Books team.

So much is expected of small business these days – from collecting GST to paying staff, in many cases there is a daily element of compliance that just can’t be ignored.  Add to that keeping pace with matters of financial control, bank managers, risk management, customers, suppliers, promotions, operations – the world of a small business owner is constantly moving and in many ways full of stress. 

Our bookkeeping service aims to alleviate at least some of that stress.  Offering a tailored solution that fills the space that the business owner either doesn’t have time or the inclination for.  

Regardless of what accounting software you use (or don’t use!), we can add value to your business through the timely and cost effective processing of your transactions.

Quotes can be provided at an hourly rate, or costed on an annual basis.

Don’t delay. Activate your business transaction history to guide your future business decisions .

Your superannuation is your all-important income in retirement.

From consolidating multiple Super funds into a single fund to reduce fees, to calculating the optimum before or after tax contribution you should make each year to your chosen fund, we can help you understand your options.

For business owners, Phillipsons will work with owners to ensure that Superannuation is a key strategy in their business and retirement planning  – helping to ensure that when retirement looms, as much as possible has been done to ensure that their lifestyle in retirement is maximised. 

Phillipsons also offers a comprehensive Self Managed Superannuation Administration Service, where we can establish and maintain your own fund – which may be beneficial in certain circumstances – reducing your paperwork and compliance burden and giving you greater flexibility in portfolio construction and management.

Our superannuation specialists work closely with our Future Planning team to ensure that the complete spectrum of your financial needs are considered and addressed.
We know Super – and we want to work with you to help Super work for you.

At Phillipsons, we walk alongside our clients; we don’t dictate, we are not reactive, but we are strategic, we empower, educate and advise – we facilitate a team approach to help our clients live their best life!

Phillipsons holds their own Australian Financial Services License (AFSL) so we are not aligned with any Bank or financial institution. We take immense pride in providing truly tailored advice. Financial advice is not just for the wealthy, it’s for the aspirational, those who wish to take control, the time-poor, the procrastinator or those who need help to solve a problem.

Our ideal clients seek to improve their financial position via quality, proactive financial advice. Someone who is committed to a long-term financial plan and seeks an adviser who they are willing to trust to assist with their long-term vision of financial independence.

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Phillipsons can help with:

SAVINGS: we help our ‘future planners’ master their cash flow by understanding their spending habits and aligning these with their short and long term goals. We help create a strategy for today with tomorrow in mind.

INVESTING: we help identify the best investment strategies to make your savings work as hard as you do.

Portfolio Management: An investment portfolio is made up of different types of assets such as shares, property, bonds, cash, wholesale and retail-managed funds and listed hybrid securities. These investments can contribute income, capital growth or both to help build your personal wealth.
Our investment committee along with our advisers combine their decades of professional experience with an in-depth research and due-diligence process to build robust portfolios that are tailor made for your unique set of circumstances.

SUPER: when saving for retirement it’s important to consider how you’re going to ensure a comfortable (or even early) retirement. Small changes made early can make a huge difference over a long time.

Self-Managed Superannuation: If you want to take control of your Retirement savings; Phillipsons has dedicated SMSF specialist advisers to guide, advise and share this journey with you.
Retirement: we can help answer your burning questions and recommend practical solutions to reduce the anxiety of losing your ‘weekly salary’ making the transition to retirement more enjoyable!

TAX: this one is unavoidable, but it can be reduced – putting money back in your pocket. We can help with that. 

DEBT:  it can be overwhelming, frustrating and stressful, so we can help you understand where you’re at and work together to get on top of it.   

ESTATE PLANNING:  we can help with a plan for your assets, because safeguarding the financial welfare of your loved ones with an estate plan is the best legacy you can leave.

While tax planning is a normal consideration for most individuals and businesses, there are certain significant and complex tax events that require specialist skills and knowledge.

Whether it’s the sale of an asset that could trigger a substantial Capital Gains Tax liability; small business tax concessions; Fringe Benefits Tax implications; Estate Planning considerations across multiple family members and entities, or the purchase of a business within a sector that has its own specific tax laws and issues – like primary production or foreign investment opportunities – getting specialist tax advice before you act can save money and heartache.

Our Tax Consulting team will highlight the potential taxation pitfalls and work with you to lawfully minimise your taxation liability.

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